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Recent publications by Dr. Beardslee and colleagues on the general topic of prevention science developed by the 2009 report of the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine
by FAMpod Admin - Wednesday, May 23, 2012, 02:26 AM
Biglan A, Flay BR, Embry DD, Sandler IN. The critical role of nurturing environments for promoting human well-being.
American Psychologist. 2012;67(4):257-71.

Yoshikawa H, Aber JL, Beardslee WR. The effects of poverty on the mental, emotional, and behavioral health of children and youth: Implications for prevention. American Psychologist. 2012;67(4):272-84.

Muñoz RF, Beardslee WR, Leykin Y. Major Depression can be prevented. American Psychologist. 2012;67(4):285-95.